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Knitting tonight was okay. We were at the donut shop again but I stuck to water and only had one donut. I got to sit near S and C, I got my order in for the black yarn, and I got a lot done on the dog sweater for Jet.

When I got home, I decided to check on the sticky stuff on my walls. I had applied Goo Gone yesterday and I had not been that impressed with it. Well, it says to let it sit for a few minutes. Letting it sit for a day worked really well. I have now removed nearly all of the pieces that I treated yesterday!

I need to get back in there and put some more on the stubborn parts and also put it on some of the other sticky places. I'm so pleased it works!

I figure it will take another couple of days to get all of that stuff off the walls, then I'll patch the holes and the day after that I'll do some sanding. I need to get some sandpaper for my mouse sander sometime this week, along with a dust mask. I have some goggles already.

I'd love to say we could be painting by next weekend, but I don't feel like I can pick out paint until we have new bedding to match the paint to. And today when we were running errands I didn't find anything close to what we're looking for. I had hoped that Spring colors would be out now, but all I saw were dark colors that were on post-Winter sale.

Maybe I will shop online.

Anyway, it's still moving forward, so that's good. I really pleased with myself for doing at least something related to this project every day.
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