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Today we ran errands. It was a nice day to be out of the house; it was in the high 50s/low 60s! It started to cloud up by the time we were on our way home, but it hasn't rained yet.

We got a cordless mouse/keyboard set that we have already hooked up and it works great. That will make watching things on the computer (and playing Starcraft on the big screen) a lot handier.

I found a black bookcase that I'm going to eventually build and put underneath the center part of the corner unit. It may be too tall in its current configuration, but I am not afraid to adapt it. I am confident that I can successfully shorten it.

Its not yet time to build it yet, though. First we have to fix whatever is causing our PC not to transmit sound through our receiver. We get great picture, but the sound is just not there. We have a call in to my BIL (who set it all up last time) to see what we're missing.

We got nuts to finish screwing the brace bar on the bunk beds.

We got a surge protector to put in the New Library.

We got Girl Scout Cookies!

I got a three-way halogen bulb for my beside lamp. It's supposed to last for 5 years. We shall see.

My lower back is feeling a lot better today. I soaked in the tub last night and then when I woke up this morning, my lower back popped and since then it has hurt significantly less.

Time to go knit. And order some black fingering weight yarn from Knitpicks; the group is putting in an order tonight and I have not heard back from the LYS about my black yarn.
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