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Progress Report

We've got two shelves downstairs and fully stocked with books. We've got another box of BIG HEAVY books waiting for a shelf to get down there. The bunkbeds have been moved to a better spot, and we've planned out where the other bookshelves that we have will go. It should leave room for at least three more large bookcases, which is excellent news.

We're thinking that when we get done moving the shelves we have, we might try wall shelving instead of buying a new tall bookcase, to see how we like it.

We're finding more "junk" as we go. Some of it is awesome and we'll definitely be keeping it (a music stand, my Styrofoam heads, and acid dyes for my sock blank!), but some of it is less awesome (blue glass soap pump that does not match either bathroom, pink cat poster) and I think we may end up having a sale this Spring.

We do really awesome as a team. Shelving the books took way less time than unshelving them.

I'm really happy with our progress so far. Also, when we got the bookcases out of the main floor room, I found that that wall is BADLY in need of patching, sanding, and painting. Instead of being dismayed, I thought, "Hey! I get to use my new sander that much sooner!!" I should take a picture of the wall the way it is now and then do an "after" picture. It's going to be awesome.

We're kind of at a stopping point today, because Pres Man wants to rest before tonight's game, and the next shelf we should work on moving has a whole bunch of stuff in front of it. Mainly picture frames, mirrors, and other hangy-type stuff. Luckily we have a couple of skinny boxes that should do great for storing those things temporarily in the spare room closet. Some of them will eventually be hung in the new spare room, some might end up in the downstairs library, and I don't know about the rest.

My vision for the new library is changing. It's not going to be bookcases all the way around the perimeter with no wall showing, and that's okay. I think what we're going to end up with will still be pretty nice and definitely offer more room for books than we have now. I am really looking forward to that.

ETA 3:10 (not to Yuma): I have cleared all the stuff from in front of the bookcase and removed all the "junk," so it is ready for de-bookening.
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