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I'm reinstating the "No Laptop Until After 8 p.m." rule for myself. I have things that need doing, and I have been coming home and hopping on Astrid right away instead of accomplishing anything "real."

Tonight, thanks to this rule, Pres Man and I finished painting the downstairs room and we even removed the tape. It's done. It's not completely perfect (the taping was not as good as it could have been, but I kind of blame the textured walls and ceilings for that), but it's done enough for us.

I also gave the cat a good brushing again, which he really needed. I'm always so surprised about how much fur can come off of a short-haired cat.

Now we're watching the returns from New Hampshire and I'm about to redo my mitten charts. It's a good evening.
Tags: dw, house, knitting

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