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Okay, we are not completely done with the downstairs room. I looked it over today and found some spots that need evening out. But they are minor and I will be able to do it with the small brush.

I'm still ridiculously happy about the way that room is turning out. It's such an amazing change.

We took the tree down today and all the decorations are packed up and back in the storage room. I'm very proud that we got all of that done so soon. Last year it took until March, because I stubbornly refused to take it down until we had gotten a picture in front of it. I decided to not even try that this year.

Today I've been watching Star Trek with the husband while trying to catch up on laundry. I have admittedly not been trying that hard on the laundry, but it's an improvement nonetheless.

Pie is starting to shed already. It's mainly his outer coat. Is it the days getting longer that does it? I don't know. I brushed him for a long time today (and was surprised that he let me!), and got a lot of spare fur.

He's been acting a little clingy today. I think he can tell vacation is nearly over. And now he has no tree to eat. He has such a hard life.

I'm down nearly another pound. That's pretty awesome.

So far 2012 seems like a pretty decent year.
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