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Moar Knitting

Well, I am trying to do more knitting, since that was something I did not do a whole lot of last year and I wanted to change that this year.

I did this:

Frogged mitten

And then I frogged it. Because the color stitches were smaller than the black stitches, and I really wanted the color to pop more than that.

I had avoided a "yarn dominance" problem due to holding one yarn in each hand; I didn't want to deal with it so I was doing it the very slow way of dropping and picking up the yarn in the same hand for each color change.

I looked at the work to see why the colors were so dim. It looked like the black stitches were larger than the colorful stitches.

Turns out, it's a matter of yarn size:

mini mochi and mini solid

Look at that! Those yarns are made by the same company (Crystal Palace) and they are supposed to be the same weight/size of yarn! I'm disappointed in that lack of quality control.

One of the ladies in Knitting Group suggested I try holding one yarn in each hand and using the dominant hand for the colored yarn. That's probably the best way to go, though I kind of dread having to throw yarn with my right hand. I originally thought I would hold the colored yarn double, but when I wound up the two balls of that yarn (from the same dyelot) I found that the color progressions did not match. :(

I am a little disenchanted with this project, but I'm going to try again.
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