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Today we painted!!! I am so proud of us. We finished taping (and re-taping, since some of the tape had peeled back), and we did all of one wall and most of the other. It may turn out to be a bad idea to let the paint dry without finishing that second wall, but we really needed to stop for the night.

It looks SO GOOD. Even on the pink wall, which needs a second coat pretty badly, it looks phenomenal. I am so in love with the color and so far it looks exactly as I wanted it to.

We're hopefully going to be able to finish tomorrow or Monday. Then we can start putting the room back together.

Pres Man is so awesome. Tonight when we were working on the room, he said "So do you want to paint the new guest room before we move all the stuff in there?" I had been thinking about that, and I had thought we wouldn't because we'd be tired of painting (and we still have to paint the nursery, which will be done last). But he was totally on board for painting the new guest room after we move all the books and shelves out and before we move in the guest room stuff. YAY! This means we will have to pick paint again, but that's not as scary as it was before, and those walls really do need to be done. They have sticky residue that we'll have to clean off (that foam sticky stuff that never comes off well; I've heard WD40 is good for that, but I think I'll try Goo Gone first), and there are places that will need to be spackled and sanded.

It's such a high (right now) to be painting our house. I have never done this before and it's SO AWESOME. I've always had a problem making a place "my own," so it's not surprising it took me a year and a half to get up the gumption to paint a couple of walls. But now that we have, I think we'll definitely do more of it.

I have been taking pictures as we go and when we're done I'll be posting some of them. It's hard to get a view of the whole room but the horrible pink will show up well enough I imagine. :) We were joking the whole time about this commercial, where the wall says "Don't paint meeeeee." But the Pink Wall is GONE. In a creepy movie, we'd go downstairs tomorrow and find out that the wall was back to exactly the way it was. But I think the house likes the new paint. Yes, I'm anthropomorphizing the house. I think it's really going to like having a made-over room.
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