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Today since it was not wet and not incredibly windy, we worked outside. The yard it looking a lot less leafy, and we got all the gutters cleaned out. Again.

You know those big paper yard waste bags? They are about waist high or maybe higher. We filled up more than 10 of those today, and that was with a mulcher, so it was compressed. That's how many leaves we have. And we have more than that, because we only did most of the front yard. We still have the sides and back that are totally leafed in.

I probably won't use the leaf vacuum in the back yard because there are too many walnuts in there and the vacuum will suck them up and choke on them. We'll have to do it the old fashioned way. If we manage to get to it before the snow falls.

We were out there for over three hours. Maybe it was closer to four. I am sure I will be sore for the next couple of days, but I had a really good time. That sounds so weird, but I get a charge out of doing stuff like this.

I went to Knitting tonight and had a really good time. I got the border on the baby blanket nearly done. I had it almost COMPLETELY done at gaming last night, but then I realized I had messed it up. I frogged it all and started again tonight. I think I am about ready to bind off! And yay for using yarn from my stash for this; it looks great against the lighter green and I'm confident it will wash well.

I've given in a little on the temperature of the house. Our old thermostat was +- 5 degrees. Which meant it would wait to hit 5 degrees lower than you had it set before it would kick on, but then it would heat until it was 5 degrees higher than that, or something.

The new thermostat is accurate to 1 degree, so it does not heat over what you want. I have started setting it at 68 so that the husband and the cat don't look so squinch-faced. I'm hopeful that having it programmed to be colder at night will make it all even out money-wise. Also, we're not swinging too wildly between the warmest and coldest temperatures; I learned at the seminar that doing that will take more energy to heat your house back up, so you really don't gain anything.

I fixed the remote control for our tree lights. Several Christmases ago, we gave my mother a thing that you could plug into your wall and then plug your tree lights into. It had a remote to turn it on and off, so you could manage your tree lights without bending or crawling around under the tree. It was awesome for Mom, since she has a hard time getting around in general.

She said that her housekeeper had stopped putting the remote on her tree, and then Mom stopped putting her tree up altogether. She told us we should take the remote back to our house. This is the first time we have tried to use it. It did not work. We figured it just needed a new battery, so we got one.

It still didn't work. I opened it up and found that even though the battery that was in it when we got it looked fine, apparently a previous battery had leaked and left conductive crap on the circuit board. I cleaned it up with q-tips and toothpicks, put it all back together, and it works great.

I know what happened. One year Dumbella was setting up Mom's tree, and she found out the remote didn't work. She replaced the battery, it still didn't work, so she gave up and put it away. Then she played dumb, like she had just forgotten or couldn't find it (she tells Mom "I can't find it" a lot). That's why it had corrosion inside, but the battery seemed fine.

Oh well. We have it and it works.

We did not get the spackling or taping done, but it was more important to take care of the yard work while we had the chance. I'm hoping to do the spackling tomorrow night, then finish the taping and sanding Tuesday night. It would be so awesome if we could have the painting done by the end of the week. Or even the end of the weekend. Of course, when we're done with that part, we will have to take all the books and book cases downstairs, which will be a bit of a chore, we'll have to figure out how to fit everything in there, build the bunk beds, cut the outlet accesses, and get all the books back on the shelves. I'll just try not to think too far ahead, I guess. :)
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