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Tonight I went to Knitting and had a fantastic time. I had not been for a couple of weeks and I was really missing everyone. I am so thankful for that group.

They gave me some good input on the baby blanket I am making. I had been thinking of edging it in some dark blue Caron Simply Soft Shadows, but they suggested going with a medium green or a white instead. I'm going to get out my Dark Horse (it's what I made my St. Patrick's Day cabled mitts out of) and see how that looks.

I wore my old Cabled Newsboy Cap that I made years ago. I thought I didn't like the fit, but when I put it on tonight I liked it a lot better than I remembered. Hooray!

I finished the main part of the blanket tonight. I made the hood, sewed it on, and weaved in all the ends. Now I've just got to pick up stitches all the way around and knit several rows of border onto it.

I started a sweater for Jet, after I got the blanket as done as possible. I think I chose a good yarn for the pattern and while I did not swatch (so naughty!), so far the ribbing looks like it is about the right size for Jet. I'm hoping the sweater will fit on the first try.

When I got home I got all Herculean and dragged the tree box upstairs all by myself! I built the tree (with some help from a naughty nibbly cat), then dragged up the big tub of lights and decorations. I got the star on the top of the tree and then ran out of steam. I have not yet tested the lights, which is the next step.

I did put our wreath on the door though! Earlier today we went out and got a battery-powered lighted wreath. It was on sale at Ace Hardware, and it's just what I had in mind, except it didn't have a bow on it. When I opened the Christmas tub tonight, I found a couple of red bows I had gotten on sale last year after Christmas, so YAY! I put one of them on the wreath, and hung it on the door with a wreath hanger that I also got on sale last year. I'm so pleased with how it looks. The wreath hook has jingle bells on it, too. :)

Now I'm worn out. Lugging all that stuff upstairs and putting the tree together was all I could do. I think I will go to bed soon.
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