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My husband has so far procured TWO of the blue Coke glasses from McDonald's. I love them SO MUCH. He knew I would.

We got some paint the other night to try in the downstairs room (the room with the horrid pink wall). Tonight I painted some of it on the pink wall and some on another white wall in that room. I have heard that it usually takes several tries to get the color of paint that you actually want. I don't know if we are just insanely lucky or if I'll change my mind later, but I LOVE THE PAINT WE GOT.

It's a color called Golden Fleece, and it seems to be the perfect combination of yellow and brown, in a light shade that is interesting without being too heavy. And I DON'T EVEN LIKE YELLOW.

I'm shouting a lot, I know, but I'm so pleased with this paint. Soon we'll try to estimate how much we'll need and we'll go get a bunch (along with some rollers, because OMG I am not painting it all with a brush). We're going to wait until it's dry and see if we still like it, but I'm thinking we will.

I had initially wanted to wait to put up our Christmas tree until after we had moved things around in the house, but with any kind of a realistic timeline, I have to face that we're not going to get the living room switched around until after December. Which means we can put up the tree without guilt! I may begin building it tonight.

We stalked my coworker tonight; she has been asking me to come by and see her Christmas decorations and tonight we finally did it. Now I will be able to congratulate her on her awesome display tomorrow.

I don't talk about work a lot here, but today was an awesome day. I reached a milestone a day ahead of when I wanted to, and I feel SO WONDERFUL about it.

I reported my final weight to my mom today. I am officially down 14 pounds from where I started. Just in the past few days I have really noticed a difference in how my clothing fits. Today I am wearing a sweater that I normally bunch up around my waist and let kind of hang down in front and back. Today it slid down smoothly and hung at my hips. I am majorly psyched about this.

I'm still keeping track of my calories and lately it has been easier than ever to stay under my goal. Today I did so well that I could afford a piece of chocolate pie after dinner. And I still have a few calories to spare.

Tonight we're catching up on Fringe and then maybe doing the tree. I'm basking in the happy glow of a pleasant evening with my two favorite guys.
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