kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

So Many Things

Let's see. We've have a very relaxing Thanksgiving Break. I have slept more than 50% of the time, which is probably not a fantastic thing, but it is what it is.

We have been watching a lot of movies. We've seen:

The Downfall - The Hitler movie. It was very good.

Metropolis - the Giorgio Moroder version, also very good.

True Grit - the new version with The Dude, which was SO GOOD.

Unknown - Liam Neeson in a rather forgettable movie, but the guy who played Hitler in The Downfall was in it, which was fun.

Insidious - which even Patrick Wilson could not save.

Phantom of the Opera - Lon Chaney in the silent film.

Bullshot - a really bad comedy based on the same story as the next movie. I probably would have liked it more if the leading lady had not affected a speech impediment the whole time.

Bulldog Drummond - a black and white movie, one of the first "talkies," about a bored guy who goes looking for adventure and winds up with more than he bargained for. It was pretty good, though it was also pretty funny to notice all the things they did JUST because it was a talking movie.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - Funny at first, but could have been a lot shorter. Also, I never noticed before how mean Abbott was. He was so bossy!

We also spent a lot of time shopping, which is strange for us. I actually bought some new jeans and tried on shoes! We went to Staples and Kmart, but mainly we did a lot of shopping at Joann and Hobby Lobby though. :) I got some .99 cent Butterick patterns and a couple of new plastic storage containers for all my patterns.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my father-in-law, step mother-in-law, sister-in-law, her two daughters, and her new beau. Pres Man and I volunteered to eat at the kids' table and it was pretty funny. Those girls (ages 2 and 7) are cute. Also Jet the dog was in attendance; I think she remembered us.

I dropped some more weight somehow. According to the scale today I am down a total of nearly 15 pounds. I have been making an effort to eat more proteins and less carbs, and to try not to eat EVERYTHING. I guess it's working.

Though we went to the Olive Garden tonight, so I may have undone all of that. :)

We had Japanese Hibachi the other night and it was a lot of fun. We got seated with a family of seven! They were really good sports and they were all so polite. I found myself wondering if they were Mormon. Even the father said "Thank You" when he was served. I was impressed with that; usually we are the polite people at the table. :)

I wanted to put our Christmas tree up, but I resisted. See, we need to rearrange the living room before we do that, and we have not gotten to that point. At first I felt really down about not getting that done during our days off, but Pres Man pointed out that it's okay to have fun, and that we needed some down time after all the stuff that has been happening lately (sister's family's visit, father-in-law and dog, etc). So I'm letting that go. But I'm also making a plan for how to best accomplish the goals so that we can do it in pieces and eventually have it done.

This is all part of getting a nursery ready, since the time the doctor told us to wait is almost up. I am scared, but optimistic.

Pie has been loving it lately. Having us home most of the day has been heaven for him. Lots of attention and there's always someone to bug about filling the dish. He's been really purry.

I'm glad to be going back to work tomorrow even though I have really enjoyed the time off. I'm ready to get back into a routine. I'm so out of it that I forgot to go to Knitting tonight!

Now it's time to watch The Walking Dead!

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