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Other than the earthquake

Yeah, I have that song "I feel the earth! Move! Under my feet..." in my head all the time now.

But aside from that, here are the other things I've done lately.

I got a big cardboard funnel that is designed to go into yard waste bags, which are like brown grocery bags only they are nearly chest high. They are not really that stable until you have filled them about halfway up, but these funnels are FANTASTIC. They go the whole depth of the bag and have a wide mouth at the top so you can stand your bag up and dump things in easily. I really like it.

I also got a long outdoor extension cord and a leaf blower/vacuum. We have a lot of leaves here and when I heard that I could get a leaf sucker and mulcher for under $50, I was sold. Those yard waste bags go a lot farther if your leaves are crunched up!

Had a night of non-gaming with Koganei, Kiwi, and Pres Man on Saturday night. We never did get around to starting the game. We're going to put that group on hiatus indefinitely.

Later that night, but before the earthquake, I was playing around with my new leaf blower/leaf vacuum, figuring out how to put it together and such, and Pres Man asked me where I had put something. I got up to get it and caught my foot in the laptop cord, which did not have any give because it was caught under the heavy leafblower box. I fell hard. I landed on my knees and somehow hit my face on the arm of the recliner before ending up sprawled on the floor. I was so scared that I had busted out all my front teeth, because I hit my face hardest right above my upper lip/under my nose. But my teeth are fine.

I did not end up cut or bleeding or anything, but my knees are sore and my nose/mouth are puffy and sore. Both my lips ended up swelling last night and I looked very fashionable. Things are better today as far as the facial swelling.

So when the very nice young policeman showed up at our house, he was greeted by a semi-hysterical limping woman with a swollen face. Yeah, ma'am, SURE it was an earthquake.

Later that night, though I did not find out until this morning, there was a fire in an unfinished apartment building near where Koganei resides. Holy crap, it was a huge fire and the building is gutted. Kiwi texted me a picture while it was happening, and Pres Man and I drove by today while we were out. We could not get very close, as all the streets are blocked off in that area, but we could see well enough. It is a large building and whole thing is just black and collapsed and dead looking. Thank goodness it was not occupied yet.

Today Pres Man and I cleaned out the front gutters and the little problem gutter on our exterior stairwell. This time he was the one who went up the ladder all the time, because my knees still hurt.

Then I put the leaf sucker together and tried it out. OMG, it works fantastically! It really sucks things up! And the mulching is pretty good. It is a Homelight electric blower/vac and we got it at Home Depot. I have read that the bag is the weak point of the machine, but so far it is working okay for me.

The only problem I have with it is that I fill up that bag pretty quickly (So! Many! Leaves!) and I'm also so weak that I can only do about two sweeps (two bags full) before I get pretty tired and want to quit for the day. Seriously, my arms are tired. The yard is nowhere near finished, but I feel really good about the parts I did get done.

Two leaf-vacuum bags' worth ended up filling our yard waste bag exactly to the fill line.

I wish our house had exterior outlets; I had to run the extension cord through the front window. It was not so bad, because today is completely beautiful, but I would be way happier with an outdoor plug.

We put our rake together today. We had never put in the screw that holds the head onto the handle, so that got done. Whee! Another chance to use the drill.

Hunter the feral cat is sitting in my driveway right now, looking around alertly. Not so alertly that he knows I'm watching him though. Pie is in a sunbeam, oblivious.

It's another perfect Fall day here. The sun is shining, it's not windy, and it's around 60* F. So lovely.

I'm looking forward to Knitting tonight. I have still got that baby blanket that I'm working on for D's daughter. I have not yet decided what kind of border to put on it. I'm considering brown, since the baby is a boy and their nursery has a green/brown jungle decor. I may have some leftover brown worsted, now that I think about it.
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