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The house is nearly done. All the main stuff is finished. With hours to spare! The sweeping/vacuuming is what I'm doing now and it should not take too terribly long. I'm so proud of us. I even got the tub to look pretty nice! The dinginess I was worried about finally lightened up after I tried four different cleaners and a Mr. Clean magic eraser. I may have worn off another layer of that poor ancient tub, but it was worth it. Now I won't be ashamed to put my nephew in there for his bath time.

My sister and her family landed safely in this part of the country, so now they are visiting friends on their way to see us. I hope they have a really good time (and give us a little time for a nap).

It's overcast today, which is kind of sapping my energy. It's the kind of day where you want to curl up with your cat and read a book. The cat is curled up (he's staked out a new spot; a dining room chair that is out of the way of the cleaning rampage), but I am not. I have been reading Cherie Priest's "Fathom" off and on when I can get a chance, and I'm enjoying it a LOT more than "Those Who Went Remain There Still." Ancient gods of the sea, insurance adjusters, and possibly immortal pirates, oh my.

Now it's time to retire Astrid to another room, or possibly just to the dining area, since the coffee table is going to be temporarily removed to the verboten library. It's got corners and glass, so we feel it's safer to just remove that risk altogether.

I'm feeling pretty relaxed about everything now. I get to see my sister in a few hours. It's going to be awesome.
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