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We're home, cleaning the house, listening to Creedence, and it's awesome. So far I have finished the dining room table, the coffee table is done except for the windexing, and I've used the stuff Dawny recommended in the downstairs shower since it worked ACES on the main floor one. The main floor tub got scrubbing bubbled, too, so now the chrome looks as good as it can. I've currently got bleach water sitting in the tub to see about fixing that dinginess. I joked yesterday about a pack of denture cleaner. I'm not kidding anymore. If the bleach doesn't do it, I may attack it with Polident or something.

BUT, overall things are going great. I still dread finishing the rest of the bathroom, but it probably won't be as bad as I think. It's not that it's filthy, it's just the contorting myself to get into all the nooks and crannies. The Kauri, she is not as flexible as she used to be, and the Saga Of The Bolt Covers is still fresh in my mind.

It's a perfect day today. It was hard to stay in and work on the house. We had lunch together and then got a couple of things at Home Depot (a latch for the library door, since the nephew must NOT get in there, and a magnetic thingy for a door downstairs). We also priced a leaf blower/vacuum and I think I am going to get it later. My friend says she got one and it works great. It sucked up their leaves and munched them up so that what normally takes four big yard waste bags only took one.

The one thing about trying to see your house as someone else seeing it for the first time is that you notice a lot of things that you COULD improve, if only you had more time. For instance, now, in addition to moving the corner unit into the living room, we also want to move the DVD shelves to the opposite wall and get a coat tree for the corner where the DVD shelves are now. It's near the door we always use, and we really need a coat area near that door.

Hopefully, when we finally recover from this frantic whole-house emergency makeover, we'll remember we wanted to do that. And, you know, actually do it.

Driving across town was so pleasant, with the windows down and the smell of Fall in the air. I hope it's like this all weekend. It's perfect corn maze and pumpkin patch weather. And the zoo should be good too; a lot of the animals there like these temps.

I'm getting a lot more excited about this visit. Pie is not. He's started creeping around. Not slinking yet, but definitely using more caution than normal. He knows we only go this crazy when someone is going to stay the night. In HIS bed, in HIS room, and they're going to sit on HIS end of the futon, etc. It's hard on a cat to be displaced. At least he won't have to worry about anyone eating his food; we're baby-gating the kitchen. :)

I've already managed to pull something in my back; it feels like a rib. Oh well. Maybe more housework will stretch it out and it'll pop back into place!
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