kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

Tonight I went to Hobby Lobby, got two of their last cheap plastic baroque mirrors, got some blue Krylon, a decorative metal thingy to hang on the wall (because I had been thinking, "you know what that group of pictures needs? A round thingy above them" and then I saw one), an oval frame to properly hold an oval picture of my parents that has been looking crappy in a rectangular frame since my father died, and some glass beads that were on sale. I think I am going to ask Siliver Dragon to put them together into a necklace for me. They are coppery and greeny and I want something that will go with my someday Copper Steampunk outfit.

Oh, and I got some clear stuff that comes in two tubes, and you mix it together in a disposable cup, and then you put it over stuff that is in something bezeled and voila! You have a lens or something over whatever you had in your bezel dealie. What's the word I'm looking for? Resin? I think so.

I have some of these already and I got them because I was thinking of making something like this. I already have sculpey and eyeballs somewhere.
Tags: costumes, dw, steampunk

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