kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

I am so angry. All the time. Sounds make me angry. Being cold makes me angry. Situations that I normally deal with every day and which give me (normally) no problems are making me angry.

I don't feel like myself. And I am worried that I'm wrong, and this IS myself. This is me without any drugs. No Cymbalta and no Wellbutrin.

I'm sniping at my husband, I'm biting off heads at Knitting, I'm getting loud and talking over people at work. And I can see myself doing it but I cannot seem to stop it from coming out that way.

I feel like there are no good options. I can take drugs to feel better, but withdrawal is a nightmare and I WILL BE GETTING OFF OF THEM and going through withdrawal because I'm going to get pregnant again. I hope.

There is a chance that this increased anger is still part of the withdrawal process. I really hope that's what it is and that it ends soon before I alienate everyone in my life and end up divorced and alone.
Tags: dw

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