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Today was a fun day. We went to our Take Charge class and I got a lot out of it.

When we first arrived, I was kind of surprised, and then I was surprised at myself for being surprised. A lot of the other people there were more than one generation older than us. I had expected people our age, people my parents age, etc, but these were more like people from my great-aunt's generation. Which made sense when I thought about it, because of course those are people who own homes and are probably also very interested in making their retirement dollars stretch farther.

I think I am going to have to search out and attend more of these types of things. There was breakfast! They had bagels and coffee from Panera, and they also had bowls of candy (DARK CHOCOLATE) and bottles of water and soda.

I loved the presentation. We had a handout with a copy of the slides and pens for taking notes, which I did a LOT of. I think everyone in the room was really into the material; most people asked at least one question, including me and Pres Man.

We got a lot of freebies, which was cool. A little erasable board and pen for making sure you remember to change your furnace filter, a ruler for measuring the R-value of your insulation, and two packages of insulators for our outlets/switchplates. I had not thought of it before, but those are holes in your walls.

We also purchased a box of insulation stuff. It has spray foam, rope caulk, a tube of caulk, a caulk gun, another package of outlet/switchplate insulators, a whistle that tells you when you've forgotten to change your furnace filter, and some adhesive foam weatherstripping.

There was a practice area at the class where you could play with caulk and spray foam. That was fun. I did some caulking but after watching some other people go crazy with the spray foam I gave that a pass.

We have decided we're going to get the free programmable thermostat installed. It means that they will be able to make our AC come on less frequently during really hot days from June through August, but the tradeoff is probably worth it.

I think we should also get an energy audit. That will be $100 but we can get that back if we prove that we did $100 worth of improvements afterward. I kind of want to do the stuff that the presenter called "low hanging fruit" first (caulk the windows, insulate the outlets, spray foam in the openings for the AC wires/hoses, etc), then have the audit to see what we missed.

I came away from the class feeling really good. I no longer resent missing the Ren Fest for that.

After the class, we had lunch somewhere that we used to go a lot but have kind of forgotten about since we moved across town. It was good. And since we were in the neighborhood we checked out the matinees and decided to see Abduction. It was exactly as advertised. Lots of chasing and fighting and "Who Do You Trust" type things. Not a fantastic movie, but we enjoyed it for what it was. I thought Taylor did a very good job pretending to like girls.

I was kind of gung-ho to get home and DO something with our new training, but we realized we were both kind of tired. Pres Man took a nap while I talked to my grandma on the phone, did a little bit of elliptical, and surfed online. We're not having the game tonight so I may turn in early. I'm looking at painting my mirror frame tonight and maybe working on that template for the blinds. Maybe if I get that done we can hang them tomorrow and I can cross another thing of the "To Do Before Sister's Visit" list.
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