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Things accomplished tonight:

About 35 minutes of walking, in the middle of which we got food at our new Noodles & Company. It was our second time there, and it was again "okay." Nothing extra special and nothing horrible. Though I think I will opt for a different soup than their Thai Curry next time.

So there was exercising and there was food.

And when I got home I thought I'd start hanging stuff up, but it works better to have two people do that (one to say "No, higher. Wait. Lower!") and Pres Man was so exhausted from allergies that he went to bed. So I started working on (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!) the bolt covers for the upstairs toilet.

I'm very close to being done. In fact, all the bolts have their new plastic washers installed, and two of them have their caps on. Like I said, it's close to being done.

I was relieved to find that I still had disposable sponge thingies and gloves from when we moved in and I was CLEANING ALL THE THINGS. I had a hard time unscrewing a couple of the nuts but I finally got it done.

And I knew going into this that a couple of the bolts needed to be sawed off so they would fit under the new caps, but I thought "Oh, I can hacksaw right through that, no problem!"

It is more of an inconvenience than I had estimated. It is very awkward to get in there with a hacksaw, it is difficult to get any good sawing done when you're trying very hard not to hit anything that should not be scratched, and I think our blade (which is probably over 10 years old) needs to be replaced.

But I got one done. And found out I had not cut it down enough. Rarg.

And THEN I remembered I have a dremel. So I'm going to go dig that out and see if I have anything that will cut through these bolts. But I'm going to rest first, and maybe paint my mirror's frame. My back hurts.
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