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Things I have done tonight:

Visited the head shrinker. It went well. She told me to not try to do so much, but I honestly feel like if I'm going to fall asleep at six every other evening, then on the nights I am awake I have to do twice as much.

Sprayed the mirror frame black. I did a very good job, and this time I remembered to wear a trash bag sleeve on the arm holding the mirror so I am not wearing the overspray. Unfortunately, I may have grabbed glossy black paint at Hobby Lobby when I intended to get matte. Oh well.

Framed nine photos. Some matted, most not. These are the pictures I ordered online last night and Walgreens had them ready today.

Framed a piece of "art." I have one of those color-your-own velvet posters. It's a cat trying to reach in and get a fish in a bowl. I colored it more than ten years ago. I love it and the frame it was in was one of those super-cheapies that is supposed to slide together but never matches up right and pieces always fall off. Well, now it is in a real frame and it's ready to hang.

Built my wire shelves in the spare bedroom's closet. I don't like them. And not just because they bit me:


They are not quite the right size for where I have them. Not tall enough or maybe too tall, too deep, and I didn't get them snapped together really well so they are not completely sturdy. They may work better elsewhere later. But for now they will hold fabric in that closet and I've got all the stash that was scattered around that room folded and stacked there.

I'm about to take James Earl Jones and the wrenches downstairs. I've not hung Jesus up yet, but that may just have to wait.

One thing I had on my list that I have again successfully avoided are the bolt covers for the toilet. I hate sitting on the floor, and sitting on the floor in the bathroom with my face right next to the toilet is something I extra dislike. So the cleaning, unscrewing, and installing of the washers and bolt covers will just be put off until another day.

I waited too long to do the windows. Now it's dark outside and I cannot see to clean them. No, we don't have enough light inside. Our living room is one of those awesome ones with no overhead light, so all we have are lamps and they are not that great.

The template for the blinds is still in the wings and the purse lining pattern still has not been traced. BUT, I found some tissue paper for that so I may yet accomplish something tonight.

My right eye was still jiggling today. Roo says it may be allergies, which would fit with this time of year for me. I used some of my Visine that usually helps with allergy irritation and it seems to be a little better. Still jumping though.

Tomorrow I will have my blood drawn again to test my HCG levels. I'm guessing it will be below pre-pregnancy levels. I don't know if they'll want me to keep my Monday appointment or not. I'm guessing not. It's the "How Will You and Your Insurer Pay For Having a Baby" and "Let's Run a Ton of Bloodtests Now That You're Pregnant" appointment. Since I'm not pregnant now, they probably don't need me to come in. And I'm sure that nurse and I will both be glad to not have to spend any more time together than necessary. Today my therapist strongly encouraged me to look into a different doctor, just because of that nurse. I'd been thinking that anyway, so I think tomorrow I may ask the receptionist how difficult it is to transfer to a different doctor (assuming they all have separate nurses, so that changing would get me away from THIS one).
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