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I failed to take a picture of my mirror before taping and priming it. But here is a picture of the pink version of the mirror (mine started out shiny gray).

I masked it and primed it tonight. Tomorrow night I will hopefully get the black sprayed on and then maybe Thursday I can paint on the gold.

I think we are again going to be unable to go to the Ren Fest this weekend. I forgot we are signed up for a seminar on energy conservation.

My boots are in town, but not at my house. My mail carrier decided to take them with him and just leave me an annoying slip letting me know I could come pick them up. Rar.

We did some hanging of stuff tonight. So far we have hung the velvet painting, the barometer/temperature/humidity thingy, and the blue coat pegs. I may hang up a couple more things before I'm done tonight.

I'm also rewatching The Goblet of Fire, but I'm not doing well at it. I meant to watch for Snape/Hermione moments for Miah, but I've not been paying close enough attention.

I'm looking at reframing some pictures. I got some frames on sale the other day from Walgreens. I may even print some new pictures and frame those.

Other things I did tonight: spilled an entire sectioned container of nails. They're all mixed together now, when before they were sorted nicely. Oh well, at least they're not on the chair and the floor any longer...My right hand looks a bit sickly. I should have waited for the sun before priming my mirror, but instead I just held it at arm's length. And my hand looks as if I've been playing in the fireplace. I may have also gotten drill detritus on the cat. I do not know why he parked himself right under where I was working. Curiosity dirtied the cat.

I think now I'll throw in another load of laundry and maybe do some knitting. Possible restart GoF.

It's not a lot, but it's better than last night's snooze-fest.
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