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Yay for a four-day weekend! I have had a most excellent time doing a lot of things I had no idea I'd be doing, and doing pretty much none of the things I thought I would do.

The main cause of derailment (which actually was not an excellent time, but it's kind of funny in retrospect) was that I broke out in hives. Friday afternoon I noticed that my legs kind of itched. I mentioned it when I was video-chatting with my mom and sister. Later that evening, my back and shoulders itched like crazy, and pretty much everywhere else itched too, but not quite as badly as my back. I looked and found out that I had welts/hives forming on my shoulders, and Pres Man confirmed that I had them on my back as well. Huge raised red nastiness. Itchy as all get out.

I am much better now, after benadryl, Aveeno lotion, and Calamine for the particularly itchy spots. I still itch a little here and there, but the hives are gone and I am probably going to sleep through the night tonight (the past two nights I've been up for hours at a time due to itching).

I have no idea what allergy could have caused this. I am sneezing a bit lately, but I have not ingested anything unusual. Am I suddenly allergic to shrimp? Maybe. I tried googling, but nothing really sounded like it fit.

Anyway, now I am armed with oatmeal for bathing, lotions, etc. It will probably not happen again. LOL

The game on Saturday was fun. We fought some really nasty orcs and their Winter Wolves, along with some other big meanies. We did pretty well this time; I don't think anyone fell unconscious. It helped that we were all there. And then Siliver Dragon, toward the end of the night, said "Hey, this isn't electricity damage! It's icy bursting!" LOL And she had critted three times that night! This is the weapon she's been using forever, so it was pretty funny when she had that epiphany.

It was a pretty funny night all around. Koganei had the giggles nearly the whole time, and Kiwi was egging him on. And she couldn't remember the name of a story she wanted to reference; it was The Indian in the Cupboard, but the closest she could come was "That Little F#$@%& in the Closet." Which became the theme for the evening.

Knitting on Sunday was good, even though I ended up frogging my entire project and later realized I was mistaken....We watched The Great Food Truck Race because it was the Manhappiness episode.

OMG were those bastages condescending and dismissive! If I had known they were that arrogant and prejudiced, I would not have even tried to buy their food. I kind of want to go beat them all up now, except for the poor Seabirds, who were very sweet and then got kicked off the show.

The Lime Truck is full of jerk-faces, just so you know.

Also, Dear Host of the Show:

No, you did NOT feed everyone in Manhattan, much less everyone in Kansas. You are a big dummy-head.

No Love,


But it was funny to watch them make donkeys of themselves on TV, so that was okay.

Pres Man evicted our door spiders and it is SO NICE to come home and not see freshly spun webs festooning every entrance. I had not realized how very much that bothered me. And then today he mowed and trimmed the yard, which is awesome.

I think I am going to ask the tree man how much it would be to remove one of our trees. Over the years the way it has been trimmed (probably by the power company, since it leans drastically away from the power lines) has left it at a severe angle. I do not know how it can support itself without a counter balance. I mean, I know it's the roots, but what happens when this tree gets sick or dies? It's going to fall right on my car and on my neighbors' yard. I think we should be proactive and remove it completely before we have to pay a lot more in damages.

We also bought some stump rot stuff today. This week I will go out and drill some holes in our two stumps and let Pres Man pour the stuff in. It's supposed to cut the bonds of the cellulose, make it all spongy. And then you soak the stump in kerosene a few weeks later, let it all absorb in, and light the thing on fire! Fun times. Wanna come roast marshamallows over my stump in a couple of months? lol

Today I was lazy; I did minor house stuff and mainly read and relaxed. I did work on a friend's resume though. It's easier to do that for someone else than it is for yourself, I think. We'll see what she thinks.
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