kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

Yard Work!

After a very lackluster day, Pres Man took me out for Mexican Food. And it's not even Friday! That was so sweet. He could tell I really needed it. And sure enough, I perked up a bit.

When we got home I changed into grubbies and went straight outside to dismantle the giant tree branch that fell down (it's not giant, but it was too big for one person to lift). I attacked the small outer branches with our racheting clipper, then went after medium-sized limbs with the loppers.

Unfortunately we ran out of room in the trash bin for all of it, but what is left looks a LOT better and after our trash is picked up tomorrow, Pres Man has said that he will gather the remaining pieces and put them in there for next week's pickup.

I had also planned to spray the Home Defense stuff around the doors, windows, and foundation. I had begged Pres Man (who had a very long day and was extremely tired) to come outside and keep me company, so he came out and grabbed the gloves and the spray and did that chore for me. Apparently there was just enough stuff left to get all the necessary areas. Awesome.

Now we're cooling off in front of a lovely Voyager episode (it has CANDYMAN in it!) and I'm feeling relaxed and accomplished. Two things I really wanted to do, and one is totally done while the other needs just a little more work to be done tomorrow.

ALSO, I have an appointment with another contractor, put a call in to the electrician that we worked with before, and left a message for the handyman who was recommended to me for the attic access. That's pretty good for a day where I felt flat the whole time.

Now to clean up the knitting detritus.

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