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Tonight I went to Knitting Night and had a decent time. I cast on for a new sock, but then had to frog it when I got far enough to measure my gauge.

I had cleaned out and reorganized my knitting bag before I went, and I noticed that I was missing my size three nickel plated 40" Knit Picks circular needle. I looked high and low and could not find it.

Of course, my gauge on the sock (on size 2s) was too many stitches per inch. You know how you fix that? Move up a needle size. And that is the size I was missing. Frustrating.

I asked my knitting buddies if any of them had seen a left-behind needle, but they had not. I asked the coffee shop folks too, but they didn't have anything in their lost and found.

But when I got home I thought of a new place to look and there it was! It was still in a project that I had already given up on but not actually frogged yet. I'm so happy that my little lost needle has come home.

Now I need to do another gauge swatch and figure out what to do with the other project I just frogged (it's D's mom's hat). I had been making a Shedir, but after conferring with D I think her mom wants something less close-fitting and maybe with a brim. I think I may do a version of the cabled newsboy cap from S&B.

Even with all the frogging I've been doing lately, I am feeling like my crafting mojo is building back up again. I'm about ready to consider doing some more sewing soon.

ALTHOUGH, I will not be sewing a Prince outfit. Tonight at knitting, S said that she had been telling her husband about my trials and tribulations with the Roselina costume. All he heard was "she makes costumes" and he immediately wanted to know if I could make him a Prince costume. Not as in "Prince Charming," but as in "The Artist Once Again Known As." When she told me that, I was surprised at my reaction. I almost cried! She of course had already told him that it was not going to happen, which was awesome of her, but just the idea of making another costume for someone else (someone I don't know well at all, even) was nearly too much for me. Weird post-traumatic stress thing.

Anyway, it's nice to be back in the saddle as far as knitting goes. I feel comfortable with the projects I am considering and hopeful that my new attempt at socks will be prettier and interesting to make.
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