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It's been a challenging few days. I went home from work sick on Friday morning and didn't feel human again until the next day. I missed D's flower-making party (for her daughter's wedding) and I teared up about that. I really hope that they had fun and got a lot done.

Saturday afternoon I perked up a bit and started working on Kiwi's costume. Putting the facing and trim on took a lot longer than I had hoped. Cut, pin, sew, press, pin, sew, press, hand-stitch....I also fixed the zipper where it had looked a little wonky.

During a break, I chatted with Koganei and, uh, got a little forceful about the necessity of having Kiwi meet me at a local bridal shop so we could acquire a petticoat. I had called them and found out that they were open until 5:30, and they had petticoats on hand (I specifically asked if they had petticoats for sale in their store). Kiwi was due in town around 5:00, so I figured that we would have time to grab a petticoat before they closed.

Koganei met me instead, since Kiwi had had a Very Bad Day and was not going to make it in time. We found out I had been given some bad information; the store only rented petticoats. If we wanted to buy one, they would have to order it (WTF? I'm wondering what the person on the phone thought I had asked). BUT, the rental was only $30 and Koganei paid it. So we departed triumphant.

Pres Man, Kiwi, Koganei, and I went to dinner at Denny's. After that, we were going to have the game, but Kiwi really needed to work on her project for Otakon and I really needed to work on the costume, so we watched HP 6 instead, since Koganei couldn't remember seeing that one. And then we played the party version of Star Trek Scene It. I didn't really play much; I was alternating between the dining room table and the spare room while sewing, but I did manage to get a couple of answers in.

By the end of the night I had finished the neckline, done lots of the interior handsewing, and we tried the dress on over the petticoat. It looked pretty awesome. I marked and cut the cuffs, I marked the top of the place where the "swoop" will go in the skirt, and I marked the hem line all the way around.

Now I need to put trim on the cuffs, cut the swoop, cut off the extra skirt length, add ribbon loops for straps, and finish that hem/add the trim. I'm sure it will take longer than it sounds like it will. But on the plus side, I found out that ironing the nylon trim was a lot easier than I had feared.

I had to lock up the petticoat because as soon as Pie saw it, he tried to eat the netting. Silly cat.

I'm trying to decide if I should go to knitting tonight or not. I kind of want to see how much I can get done on this costume.
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