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I kind of rocked tonight. I typed up all the instructions for assembling the real dress and I took apart the mock-up making sure all my seam allowances were what they should be after the fittings. So now I have my pattern and my instructions.

Kiwi stopped by tonight as a surprise on her way out of town! The phone rang, it was her, and she said "I'm outside your house!" I was glad to see her.

I saw one of Princess Fluffypant's kittens tonight! He was climbing our small tree in the front yard. I kept expecting him to fall and hurt himself, but he was very lucky and pretty coordinated for a kitten, and he did fine. We did not see any of the rest of the family.

It was SO hot today. It was over 100 degrees when I was driving home. So of course Pres Man and I decided to go walking in Aggieville. We thought we would have dinner at Restaurant A, but they were closed for remodeling. Then we thought we'd walk on up to Restaurant B, but we forgot that they are always closed on Mondays. So THEN we were standing there in the heat trying to make our brains work, which was way too hard, so we just went into the BBQ place that we had never been.

It was a lot different inside than I expected. The sign outside makes it look slicker than the inside actually was.

I found that they had a very nice smoke chicken. You could get a whole, half, or quarter. I chose the quarter and I got a nice big thigh/leg. It came with two sides, too. I do not recommend getting their "rub" on your fries. It sounded good when the waitress suggested it, but their rub has rather a lot of sugar in it. I overcame it by drowning them in ketchup (MOAR SUGAR). I think it was a pretty good experience, and that it was good for us since we don't often try new places (we're working on changing that). The one big detractor was that it was about 82 degrees in there (I could see the thermostat). I mean, that was still way below the outside temp, but it was a little warm.

BUT, at least when we went outside it wasn't a complete shock to hit the heat again. We hiked back to the car and made our way home. In the heat. Seriously, the cars' ACs were having trouble keeping up today.

We watched Alphas tonight and I would probably watch it again. I think it has potential. I don't really like Whistler's character that much; he's too soft. But I think the characters are okay for the most part.

We also watched Warehouse 13 and I actually liked it. Normally I don't have much use for that show, which is a shame since it's kind of steampunky. Maybe the new guy made the difference for me. I don't know. It could also have been that I was working on something at the time, and therefore had less brain to devote to watching. lol

I'm hoping that tomorrow I can get the pieces cut out and start putting them together. I have never done an invisible zipper before, but I have read the instructions and I also found a really neat write-up online, so I am pretty sure I get how it's done.

Today was overall a very good day. I have high hopes for tomorrow as well.
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