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Tonight I am having a kidney stone. Let me say that again for emphasis, in case you are just skimming, I AM HAVING A KIDNEY STONE.

That said, it is not nearly as bad as previous times, and I imagine by tomorrow I'll be fine. I'm not saying it does not hurt, but it is bearable. It comes and goes.

In between the painful times, I have worked on the mock-up. I sewed the new darts, decided I hated them, ripped them out, and remembered I had a curved ruler. I have now drawn princess seams and will be cutting and sewing new front pieces based on that pattern tomorrow.

Pie seems to feel somewhat better tonight. He hasn't fallen completely asleep yet that I have seen, but he seems overall more relaxed. Still not as purry as usual, but less tense.

Some of our stuff arrived today, including my white rub n' buff. I am excited to try making a cameo with it. Someday. When this Princess Rosalina costume is done.

Which, you know, could be this week, if the princess seams make me happy. If they don't, then I'm just going to have to do the underbust the way the original pattern did it. Here is the original pattern:


If you hover your mouse over the picture, it zooms in. You can see how they just did gathers under each breast. I really want to avoid that since it's not right for the costume, but I may have to do it. My skills may not be up to doing it any differently and having it look decent.

I saw my therapist for the first time today. I think we'll get along okay. I nearly cried, but didn't. Good for me.

My chiropractic appointment was good. Everything moved well and I had him thump my sinuses and stretch my left ankle. When I do my stretches that are to prevent fasciitis, one of my ankles won't bend forward as far as the other. It hits something hard that hurts in a way that feels like it needs to pop in. So I'm going to have him work on that the next few times. It's not something that hurts me all the time, just something I notice when I stretch, but I'd still like to get that joint as mobile as possible.

Awww. Pie just fell asleep. He's all twitchy and eye-movey. I'm glad he's finally getting his REM.
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