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Last night I got a new pattern before the game. It's Burda 7880. I like it a lot, though I do not understand why they did not arrange the back of the skirt better before they took the picture for the pattern envelope. I have seen different versions of this pattern online and no one has exhibited the uneveness that the pattern shows. Also, no one has said anything about having to fix that. So I think it was just sloppy for that picture.

I had some trouble figuring out the pattern initially. I have only worked with McCall's, Simplicity, etc. Burda's are done somewhat differently. Their pattern layouts are on the actual pattern, not in the instructions. They do not begin separate sets of instructions for each piece; the steps are continuously numbered. They begin at "1" for the first step on the first piece all the way through to the last step on the last piece. That's different.

And they way they list the notions is also strange (to me). I could not figure out what they meant by ring tape, rings for slipping, and rings for sewing.

I think I have it now, though. They mean upholstery/curtain stuff! I think ring tape means the fabric tape you can get for curtains. It has little plastic rings sewn to it at regular intervals. The "rings for sewing" are unbroken plastic rings (a lot like knitting markers, and depending on which are cheaper that's the way I'll go) and "rings for slipping" are also curtain items. They are wire (or maybe plastic, but the ones I have found are wire) that has been bent into a circle, but the ends of the wires stick out a bit so that you can poke them into something and then thread it onto the ring. Kind of like a keyring loop (again, I might use that instead), if you're having trouble imagining it.

The ring tape and other two types of rings are for making the bustled part of the dress. You gather the top skirt in several places using the ring tape, you use a slip-on ring to keep that tape gathered, and then you sew on the unbroken rings to the underskirt and slip the other rings (that are already holding the gathers) onto those rings to hold the overskirt flounces in place.

I may end up doing it differently than that, because it seems like it would be very handy to be able to mix and match this overskirt with something else, and who wants to sew rings on the back of all their skirts?? Also, based on the pictures I found of the "rings for slipping" I think they might be pokey if I sat on them wrong. Ouch! Instead, I might use some strong tape on the underside of the bustled piece and just sew the gathered fabric to it where the rings would have been on the over/underskirt.

I'm seriously considering seeing if I have enough fabric in the copper/patina stuff that I already got to make this instead of the other pattern. You know what's funny? I always really like dark blues/blacks as a color scheme, and when I Googled the new pattern it seemed like nearly everyone had been doing it like that! So I will have to figure out something different. Maybe something in purples, since I have some of my great-grandmother's jewelry in gold/purple (including a very ostentatious purple and white cameo necklace with matching earrings). Or Bronze/Blue.
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