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We did not end up helping anyone move today. After I replied on Thursday with our window of availability, asking if that worked on their end, we never heard back. No email, no phone calls on any of our phones (and I even checked my cell phone for a change!), nothing. I don't know if that means they did not end up moving today, or if that time did not work for them, or if they just assumed we'd show up without getting a "Yes, that sounds good, see you then" type of response.

I'm waiting for the mail because a clothing order (yes, I actually bought some clothes!) should be arriving today. And last night we made an Amazon order so that should arrive in a few days, and I'll have a cameo then!

I'm about to begin mock-up work. We're watching a movie called Dinosaurus. Previously we watched 500 Million Years to Earth, which we think owes a lot to Scientology as far as the basic plot. Except Xenu is a giant praying mantis.

It's been a pretty relaxed day so far. It's hot outside so we're just hanging out indoors, listening to sporadic neighborhood fireworks and watching bad movies.

OH! Our neighbors' water main broke!!! Yesterday when I came home they were having it dug up. I find it really strange that it happened almost a year to the day after ours cracked up. Poor guys.

Oh wow. The fight scene in Dinosaurus reminds me a lot of Aliens. Rawk.

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