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Tonight we worked on the lawnmower. We took the gas tank off, emptied it, took the carburetor off, and cleaned it all. I think the gasket was dirty and that this could have been causing issues. We replaced the air filter and cleaned all the gunk off the tank and around that whole area.

When we were done, we filled it up with gas, primed it and pulled the starter. It started right up! Then it kind of started running rough, but Pres Man surmised that maybe it was just working through leftover carb cleaner that we had let into the gas tank. He's going to test drive it tomorrow and see how it does.

Whether it ends up being totally fixed or not, I'm really happy that we finally did it. We are a really good team and I enjoy doing this kind of thing together.

Also, when I ran inside for another tool, I found Pie in the basement near the window that we were working outside. I seriously think he was down there listening to us. lol Poor Kitty. We should have opened a window for him.

Anyway, the lawnmower is done. I also took the mock-up apart. Now it's ready to be fitted again.

And I got fabric for trim. AND some copper Rub n' Buff. It's Spanish copper, so it may be dark, but I'm still pleased about it.

I tried to pick up my new medicine tonight but there was some kind of problem. They had the prescription but needed my doctor to sign off on something specific. I think they wanted to use a generic version and needed her approval for that. So I cannot start taking it tomorrow, but maybe Friday.

I feel really good tonight. I got a lot done.
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