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Tonight Kiwi came by and worked on her really cool project (I cannot really describe what it is because I don't know enough about it, but it is complex and awesome). Meanwhile, I wrapped her in paper tape AGAIN, got a better mold this time, and fitted the mock-up on her. I think I am nearly done with that thing! The last try-on fit decently. I am going to adjust the way the sleeves are shaped to more closely match the character, change one of the skirt panels, and that's it. I'm so pleased.

If the Saturday thing goes well, I could start doing the real thing on Sunday!

It was really nice to have Kiwi over for a movie and crafting (and popcorn!). If her schedule lines up we will probably do more of this. She asked if I had any projects that would need working on for the next month (after getting her dress done). OMG! I have such a list! I will never run out of stuff to work on. Top hats, work shirts, my steampunk outfit, Pres Man's steampunk stuff...

Anyway, it was exactly what I needed this evening. A movie, some popcorn, and some crafting. I'm feeling a lot happier now.

Also, I'm pretty sure something major shifted with our weather around 3:30 and I suddenly felt like I had inhaled swimming pool water. Then my head got amazingly heavy and I felt like it might explode. Strangely, it was not really that painful; it just made me very tired for about half an hour. And I couldn't do math, which was really inconvenient. But I think I'm better now.

I've got stuff scheduled for tomorrow so I should go to bed soon.
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