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Here are the conventions I'd go to if we had the money/time:

TeslaCon (their second)
...The theme this year is “20,000 Leagues Beneath the Aether.” Our trip will begin onboard the HMS Trident, the newest underwater vehicle built by the Bobbins Dirigible and Balloon Corporation. A virtual submergible that will transport you, the attendees, across the globe with a stop in Egypt then a diplomatic mission to a new underwater city and, finally, we will finish our underwater voyage by arriving in the exotic city of Peking in China.

It's November 18th - 20th in Madison, Wisconsin

Steamcon III

Steamcon III will be a celebration and exploration of the briny deep as seen through the imaginative eyes of Victorian science fiction. All the horrors and treasures of the sea will be revealed! Don your diving suits or fire up your submersibles and join us for a thrilling adventure!

It's October 14th - 16th in Seattle, Washington

I've always wanted to see Seattle.

And both of them are doing sea themes this year. I love that.

If I somehow win a lottery, this is what I'm doing.

Meanwhile, I will probably be able to attend ONE con, which is the Emerald City Steampunk Expo. November 4th, 5th and 6th.

Honestly, that one's not looking good. The website doesn't get updated, and last year they tried to put on a con and had to downsize it to a one-day come & go in a completely different venue than they originally planned. Which, if that is what they end up doing again this year, maybe that would be okay. It's only a couple of hours away from us and we have relatives in the area that we can stay with so that will make it affordable time-wise and money-wise.
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