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I'm feeling kind of crappy. It started last night and I thought it was just a "storm coma" coming on. I had already taken some ibuprofen so I did not completely pass out, but my head felt very weird (not painful, just weird) and heavy.

Our grass is looking really good so far. There are some places we'll need to overseed, but overall I am very happy with how it's coming along.

We got some carb cleaner, gloves, and found some instructions so we're probably going to try to fix the lawnmower today.

Last night I tried the mock-up on Kiwi and marked where it will need changes. I was disappointed with the fit, but I DID wrap her up in paper tape so I have a Kiwi2 to work with now. This week I will work on adjusting the dress and hopefully next Saturday we will have a better fitting. And then I can finally put the real thing together.

Kiwi asked about our wedding pictures, so I got out the ones we have and she exclaimed "You were so pretty!" LOL WERE! ;) It was a nice trip down memory lane though. I did love our wedding.

During the game, after my quick-wrapping of Kiwi (who was such a good sport about being taped up in front of an audience during the game), I traced out the top hat pattern. I cannot decide if the bias tape needs to be brown or black. If I can find some that matches the felt really closely, I will get that, but if I cannot find a close match, I am not sure what I will do. Go with black or find an accent color?

We saw The Green Lantern movie on Friday night after a meal of good Mexican food. I really liked the movie. I like Ryan Reynolds anyway, so he was not a detractor for me. I never really understood what the rings did when I was younger, but the way the movie presented it I really liked that concept. After the movie I told Pres Man I could totally be a Green Lantern. Because my will is as strong, my kingdom as great.... lol

Pie's cough seems to have gone away for the most part. I have not heard him cough in several days, though Pres Man said that Pie coughed for him the other day. Pie seems cheerful though and is not doing the "sick cat" hiding thing, so I'm encouraged. He's on the futon beside me right now enjoying the open blinds.

Time to go find some lunch and then tackle the lawnmower. I hope it is not too crazy hot outside.
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