kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

The grasslings still look awesome. You can really see them today, which is amazing since they were barely visible last night.

It's supposed to rain again tonight or tomorrow so that should be good for the new grass. I can hardly express how excited I am about the yard greening up.

We have a LOT of mosquitoes, though. Mainly in the back yard, which is overgrown in places, yes, but we don't have any standing water that I am aware of. I wonder if some of our neighbors do. They are really thick and nasty and we were just covered in the brief time we were examining the mower. And they are the type to go for your face while their friends are sneaking onto your arms. It's coordinated, like a swarm of teeny velociraptors.

Since I'm as done as I can be on Kiwi's costume, I thought of something small to work on in the interim; I can do the lining for the Brea Bag that I have never assembled. I knitted it years ago. I have fabric to use for the lining, I just never did the pattern and sewed the pieces together.

It will be especially good to get that done since my current purse is getting ratty. I don't usually pay that much attention, but I noticed that the strap of fake leather is starting to crack because it grabbed my shirt today. It will be good to get another project finished.

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