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So today is our 7th Anniversary. I am proud of us for making it this far and still being happy together.

We did our anniversary celebrating on Friday since we both had the day off. Today we worked on the yard. We laid down grass seed and (mostly) covered it with composted manure. We found out that a 30 pound bag of composted manure does not go as far as you might hope. We used six bags on one side of the yard, which did not really finish that side. We raked it around as best we could and decreed that some of the manure would surely wash down the yard toward the part that we didn't get covered. This is the nature of our yard; that is the side that completely covered the sidewalk in clay when it rained after we rototilled.

Then, hot, sweaty, tired, and frustrated, we ran to Menard's to get more manure. We came home with TEN bags of it (thank goodness it is not expensive). Yes, for our actual anniversary, we gave each other the gift of bull crap.

For the record, the traditional gifts for year seven are wool and copper. I find that really funny since I adore wool (mainly in the form of yarn) and I am planning a copper-themed costume. I am supposed to pick out some wool, have Pres Man buy it for me, and knit him a sweater out of it. Win/Win. I expect that might be done in time for our next anniversary (and June is known for perfect sweater weather LOL).

Anyway, we brought our new crap home and put that on the other side of the yard. And ten bags did not cover that side of the yard completely. *sigh* We are bad at estimating crap.

We think if we got about twelve more bags, we'd be able to fill in the wimpy spots and get to the spots that we just kind of left bare when we got tired and frustrated. This means that we have about 480 pounds of crap on our yard and we need about 360 more. We desire (at least) 840 pounds of crap, total.

We raked it in and set up the sprinkler. THAT at least went right. Kind of. I couldn't get the sprinkler screwed onto the hose, but Pres Man was able to do it and he set the sprinkler in exactly the right spot on the first try without even seeing it in action. He's amazing. At our old place, we had lots of trouble getting the sprinkler in the right place, but that was partially a function of the shape of the yard and partially a function of our wacky water pressure up there (which was either "not enough to actually make the sprinkler move" or "HOLY CRAP WHY ARE WE WATERING OUR LAWN, CARS, ROOF, AND THE THREE LAWNS TO EITHER SIDE OF US???").

Anyway, the grass seed has been spread, kind of covered, and watered. We shall see if we get any grasslings in the next 10 to 20 days.

Let the record show that the wheelbarrow got used again. Elf was very right. Once you have one, you use it for everything.

I am so tired that I did not go to knitting tonight. I'm actually stiff and sore already from all the heavy bags and raking and seeding (though our broadcast spreader worked pretty well for the seeds once we oiled it up). Pres Man was laughing about it. "When I got done with her, she couldn't walk right!" Har har.

Oh! The gutters are cleaned out. We finished that on Thursday night, right before a rainstorm came into town. The rain was short-lived, but it was very satisfying to have gotten that done before it rained.
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