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Still mocking up the mock-up. It's going okay so far; I have only drawn blood once (OUCH). And Pie is holding down the scraps like a good boy. He loves that part of his job. He was purring so hard I could hear him halfway down the table. These are especially good scraps because they are white.

The sewing machine is working great so far (not the featherweight, my regular Singer) so I apparently did not hose anything too badly when I opened it to clean it out. Yay!

I'm hopeful I can have the whole thing together by the time Kiwi gets to town. Getting the top attached to the skirt is going to be my biggest challenge; like I said that part is going to be fiddly. But that is probably the worst of it and then we can mark it all up with neckline adjustments, sleeve length/width (the sleeves on the character are more fitted above the elbow and then flare out below), and the swoopy part in the front of the skirt. And of course pin it to fit properly.

It's going to be interesting. I can feel my brain stretching already; sewing is not intuitive for me the way it is for some people.

I'm a little frustrated because I cannot find things that I KNOW I have. I cannot find my magnetic pin holder, for example. WTF??? Also, missing one page of my old pattern, but I have emailed McCall's about that. I think I read on a forum somewhere that if you already own the pattern they can get you the instructions you are missing. That would be awesome.

Tomorrow is our anniversary! We already celebrated though. We both had Friday off so we had lunch and saw a matinee of Super 8. The lead kid is awesome in that movie. The movie itself was sort of "eh." I'm beginning to lose my enthusiasm for J.J. Abrams.

Later we had dinner at The Olive Garden, which was very nice. And then we got catfood, because what is more romantic than that? ;)

I have discovered something about mock-ups that I love a lot. The ability to label them without fear. It's completely awesome to just be able to mark the pieces up with notes and everything. It feels like you're getting away with something. I don't know.

And my hated art class comes in handy again; I dug out my soft pencils and they are perfect for drawing on both tissue paper AND muslin. I'm glad I got something useful out of that class. :)
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