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We did it! The back gutter is MOSTLY cleaned out. I think if we get hit with a big rainstorm, it'll be a lot better. Hopefully that won't happen before we can get out and finish the job. We are having trouble reaching a section that is right over where the electrical cables come to the house. We do not want to get too close to those lines so we'll need to get a stick (probably our extra long dandelion puller, which is what we were using tonight after it finally occurred to us), and grab that stuff.

We found out that our back spigot leaks when the hose is giving it any pressure at all. I am hoping we can fix that with a rubber gasket thingy. Or maybe I should just call the other plumber (we have a definite favorite now) and have them replace it for us.

So tomorrow evening we can finish up the back and hopefully do the front. The front does not take nearly so long as the back because there is a lot less gutter.

I am so tired. I did a lot of the ladder work since we tried spraying it out first and that made it soggy, and I was the one who had gloves. Aside from a couple of spiders, various teeny insects, and one very surprised cricket, it was not too bad.

I also found out that we have big earthworms in the backyard. I was ripping out the ivy that wants to grow down into my window wells and I found a few obviously disgruntled worms. I am really glad they are there.

It feels really good to work in the yard. Especially after you locate the can of Off!
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