kauricat (kauricat) wrote,

I would rather not be awake right now, but I am. Which I guess is okay, since I got visually confirm that Princess Fluffypants and Peeping Tom are friends. That's not a euphemism; I didn't see any cat pr0n, but I did see them kind of twining around each other a bit out of the corner of my eye before Princess Fluffypants picked her away across our yard and Tom sauntered down our driveway (and I could not resist popping out of the side door and startling him). Poor Pie saw it all, and now he's howling.

Tom is kind of a hard cat to startle. He did not spook and run away. He did jump and run a few steps, but then stopped and just looked back at me, assessing the situation. Bold as brass, that one.
Tags: dw

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