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I found out that the sewing machine my mother wants to give me is a Singer 221-1 Featherweight. It is a black one in it's original case and has lots of different presser feet, including a gathering foot, ruffling foot, narrow hemmer, edge-stitcher, zipper foot, and tucking foot. There is a little oil can, original machine lubricant in a tube (probably no good; I will have to check), needles, and ONE bobbin. lol

Apparently it belonged to my mother's mother. We think she got it at a garage sale. There are the initials E.F. scratched into the underside. I don't know how many owners it has had.

I cannot wait to play with it. Mom swears it still works, so we'll see. I already looked up and downloaded the original Singer manual (they have free PDFs online) so I'm all set for cleaning it and oiling it and lubricating it (those ARE two different things).

This is one of the coolest things ever.

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