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I Fought the Yard and the Yard Won

We finished rototilling around three. We started sometime after noon. It was very hard work. Our soil is very tough where it is dry (like trying to rototill a rock) and very much like clay where it is wet. Not really fun clay, but the kind of clay you have to work for hours until it becomes usable.

BUT! Even though we only got a few inches of earth tilled, I think it will be okay for grass.

We went out tonight after discovering that our grass seed prefers more sun than our front yard gets (that seed can go live in the backyard) and got some shade-loving seed and some composted manure. A lot of people use composted manure on their gardens. My mom used it when she redid our yard back when we moved, and her father used it before her. Since our ground is so dense, it probably would have been good to try to till some of that in, but I didn't have it ready. In fact, I had a hard time finding it tonight. I had to ask someone to show me where it was.

Anyway, the plan is to spread the seed and lightly rake it in, then spread the composted manure over that. Hopefully that layer will help hold in moisture, protect the seeds from blowing away or being rained away, and keep the birds from eating all of it.

However, I do not know how I'm going to accomplish that. I am so sore. I mean, right after we finished I sat down for a little bit and then found out I could barely move. I tilled, I raked, I shoveled, I picked up sticks, I cut roots, I broke up big chunks of dirt with my hands, I tried to pry grass off of the sidewalk....

We all did a lot. D did SOOO much. I hope she's happy with the money we gave her. She said she is putting it toward her daughter's wedding. That's in August.

Where the Sidewalk Ends

I have mentioned that our sidewalk out front was really overgrown. We have a lot of walkers in our neighborhood and I feel bad for them. Especially the parents pushing strollers. Obviously not bad enough to do something about it before now....But anyway!

Pres Man worked really hard on uncovering our sidewalk. You want to know how bad it was? He did one edge (the houseward side) and we got 1/3 more sidewalk! It's amazing how overgrown it was. And that's just one edge. When we recover and attempt the streetward side, who knows how much more sidewalk we'll find?

He did a great job keeping the edge straight, too. It looks so much better! If only the bricks were not so sunken on that edge. I think the original plan was to have a slight bow to the sidewalk so that water would run off the sides, but this is more than "slight" and it's not an even arc (or maybe it is and we will find that out when we do the other edge).


For some reason while I was typing this entry, my 'h' key stopped working. I would press it and wouldn't get any 'h's. I thought I would just pull the key off and clean out from under it.

And I broke Astrid. On laptops, apparently there are two plastic pieces that hook together to make your key spring back up after you press on it. When I pulled the key off, I cracked one of those pieces. Or maybe it was already broken and that was part of the original problem. But it's more likely that I was clumsy and broke it myself. I think that I could superglue it back together, but we don't have any superglue that works right now. I'll get some tomorrow and try to repair her then.

Meanwhile I hope I do not lose the pieces. Oh, and the reason I am able to type 'h's right now is that I'm pushing on the little rubber thingy that the key sits on normally. I hope that won't make things worse. I figure if I can't superglue it, I'll just take it in to the local shop. Surely they have experience with this sort of thing. Maybe even a replacement key harness.

Calgon Take Me Away

I soaked in a lovely Calgon tub tonight and again, it seemed to help a lot. That stuff is amazing. I have hope I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow. That would be awesome. Even if I don't get out of bed until Monday, I'd count it as a win if I could go to work and not be in pain all day.

All in all it was a very busy day and a pretty satisfying day. I really hope that the work we did today will result it having a yard we can be proud of.
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