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I moved dirt for an hour and was not going to stop, but it started raining. I thought it was going to get really bad because the wind came up suddenly, there was lightning and thunder, and then the rain started. It was all really fast. On the radar it looked like a pretty serious cell was headed our way, and then it kind of just breezed through. And now it's too dark to move anymore dirt.

But I did pretty well on my own (Pres Man was teaching). I got the back mostly finished and in the process found out why our other gate was braced closed. You cannot open it. The ground there comes up too high and the gate gets jammed. And I can see I wasn't the first to try this because part of the gate was coming apart (it wasn't obvious until it started swinging).

But that's okay. We can either dig out that area so the gate can swing free, or we can take the gate off and put it back on higher. And we will resecure that part that is separating.

I saw my across-the-street neighbor tonight; she was sweeping off her porch. I would have gone over after I was done moving dirt, but the storm blew up and we both headed inside. Maybe another night.

I think two and a half wheelbarrow loads (maybe not even that much) will finish off the very back; I didn't dump a lot in the corner by the stairwell because there is a giant heavy piece of cement there that I forgot about and we need to move that first.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow night between six and nine, we will have this all done. And if it does rain, we'll probably still get it done. It'll just be cooler outside. And a little damp.

And I didn't start surfing the web until after eight. YAY.

When I went outside to start on the yard, I startled Princess Fluffypants, who was relaxing in some of the crappy weed grass that we have right now. Poor baby. I wonder if someone who used to live here fed her or something.

I really want to finish with the dirt on Thursday so that on Friday we can do a stick and rock sweep for anything we haven't already picked up (I have a bad habit of just throwing them off to the side...). We should probably mow, too.

Even though I drank over 20 ounces of water while I was working (and another 16 or so when I came in) my arms were doing something really weird. They felt hot and prickly. I was sweating, so it wasn't that thing where your sweat glands stop and you have to be treated. I dunno. It's gone now that I've been resting for a while.

I'm going to finish assembling the hose roller and probably skip the vent installation tonight. Lifting my arms over my head with a sharp thing sounds like a bad idea right now. Oh well.
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