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I have been finding more and more of my old written journals since I've been making an effort to go through the remaining boxes of books and other boxes that got stuck into the library room. I even found entries here and there in spiral notebooks from years that I had forgotten I wrote ANYTHING in, which is awesome.

I have journaled off and on since I was in 5th grade. I am strongly considering typing all of my entries into one document. I think that would be worth doing. And then I could put all the journals in a nice box in the store room out of the way.

I am amazed at how shallow I was. I mean, in my teens and twenties I was (or the things I was writing make it seem as if I was) very flighty and changeable. It is more fun to read the journal from my 5th grade year than it is to read anything from 1994. I was 20 then, and apparently my entire world revolved around guys and whether so and so still liked me and why wouldn't another so and so leave me alone and stop coming over and crying at me, and who could I get to go see a Star Trek movie with me....

But you know what, that is how I divide time when I think back. I have a hard time remembering what happened in a specific year unless I can tie it to someone specific. What year did I move to such and such apartment? Well, let's see. That was while I was dating so and so, which means it was year 199X.

It's not my favorite thing about myself.

Now, though, all years are Pres Man years, and I am finally remembering things like a NORMAL person, which is by other milestones (I'm guessing this is how the rest of you do it). Buying a house is a big deal, so 2010 is House Buying Year. Getting married was an even huger deal, so 2004 is unforgettable.

I have a hard time remembering what year I adopted Piewacket. Isn't that awful? I remember his birthday, which was in the file the animal shelter gave me, but I don't remember the exact day month and year that I took him home. That was pre-Pres Man.

Anyway. Journaling is something I have always wanted to do (and occasionally was successful with), and that's why I love online journals. I have WAY more stuff saved here than I ever would have though possible without an actual brain download, and I love to go back and read old entries to see what I thought and what I was doing.

I doubt I'll type my old journals in here. They are a separate thing. Maybe I will include some sanitized samples here if I can bring myself to get over my embarrassment. Seriously, I find it hard to accept that I was ever so....I don't even know! Boy crazy. Or maybe just seriously lonely.

Maybe that is what it was. That back then I was always lonely even when I was not alone.
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