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I've been doing a lot of computer and online organizing last night/today. I cleaned up my "steampunk" favorites so that I can more easily find what I'm looking for (clothing, accessories, weapons, etc; how have I already collected so many links????), and today I am updating my Ravelry page, which had been overrun with "WORK IN PROGRESS" pictures instead of pictures of items that have actually been finished. I have two pictures left to take and upload and then I'll be current. I also deleted some of my old photos from my online host so that I could stay under the limit for my free account. Good-bye, WIP pictures and some stash pics.

I got some amazing yarn yesterday at Hobby Lobby. It's called Vanna's Glamour and the colorway is Copper. It is a delicious brown with a copper colored filament spun with it. This is the yarn I am going to use to knit the edgings for my Steampunk costume.


I had been panicking because I could not remember the name of the yarn I had seen that I loved, so I did a websearch and wrongly concluded that I was after a Bernat yarn that had been discontinued. Cue a warp speed run to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find any of it before it was all gone, and much relief when I realized that the yarn I loved was NOT discontinued and there was plenty of it.

I got three skeins, which should be more than enough for the cuffs and collar, and hopefully also enough for some kind of accent elsewhere, either on the pocket edge or maybe on the skirt somewhere. I had thought about making a lace band to go on whatever transition I decide on for the place between the main skirt and the pleats, but I remember how much I did NOT like crocheting the edging for my Ren Fest skirt. Maybe a better choice would be to make individual lacy rosettes or something and just tack them on every so often along the transition fabric.

Or maybe knitting the edging won't be as bad as crocheting it was. This is sport weight yarn instead of thread, too, so it should knit up faster than what I did before. We'll see how it goes for the collar/cuffs portion I guess.

Tonight is SnB, even though it is Easter. I'm definitely going. I woke up not even thinking about what today was. I did not remember until about 15 minutes ago when I got an email from my sister with Easter pics of my nephew. And then I read Doqz's post about it. I can't believe I forgot after poor Elf's Easter Poison story.

I don't know what to take to knitting tonight. I finished the Octopus and am not quite ready to make my own yet. I should work on the Shedir, so I guess that's what I'll take with me. And the green mitt that needs a thumb.
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