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Today was a long day.

I had asked Pres Man to make sure I was up and around at a decent hour, which he did. I wanted to go out shopping to get the fabric for my steampunk outfit.

I carefully calculated the fabric that I would need. See, they give you yardage in one total for each piece. Like the bustier, or the skirt. Because I want to make different parts of my outfit different colors, I needed to figure out how much I needed for each different part. I had to get Pres Man to help me because I was not sure of my math!

I went to Joanne, armed with my list of yardages for each piece and a couple of pretty good coupons, and set about picking out my fabric.

This took a very long time, and the store was crowded because it was the last day of the big sale going on. I picked bolts up, carried them around, put them back, over and over and over. I could not find the right combination. I could only find the right color in the wrong kind of fabric, that sort of thing.

I finally gave up and just got the muslin for my mock-up. This may end up being the first time I buy fabric online. We have another fabric shop in town (two more if you count Hobby Lobby) so I might go out again to see what they have. I dunno.

I also got some other things I had been wanting, like a ruffling foot and an awl.

And then I hit the party store to get things for Kiwi's birthday. It is her 30th this week, and since this was the game closest to her b-day, I wanted to do something. I found lots of "30" themed stuff.

I had gotten a cake at Dillons already (what? Bake a cake? Ha!). Per Koganei, Kiwi likes red velvet, so that what we got. I removed the red cake crumbles on the top, spread out the rosettes, and smoothed some new cream cheese frosting across the top center. Then I drew Ianthe (from Koganei's comic Planescape: Metamorphosis). Only I drew her off of a drawing by Kiwi. It was not my finest work, but it was okay I think.

I blocked the stairwell doorway and the game room doorway with Caution tape ("Caution, 30th Birthday Party In Progress"). She had to break in to get there.

Then I set off the fire alarm when I lit the candles on the cake, because I had stuck a big "30" thing in the cake. It was all stars and foil streamer thingies, and some of the foil parts kind of melted and BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.

But the cake did not actually become a towering inferno, so we had Kiwi blow out the candles and then we had cake!

Kiwi had made cupcakes with a Portal theme (Portal II is coming out this week and we're going to play it).

Sadly, Kiwi ended up feeling punky as the evening progressed, so she and Koganei left early. I hope she feels better now.

I hung up the new birdfeeder and set up the birdbath. I could hear birds all around while I was doing it. I like to imagine they were all chattering excitedly about the new birdie cafe.

Then Pres Man and I walked down to the DVD rental place and found some movies. I'm so proud that we WALKED! It was about six blocks away.

I chose a lame movie. "Hereafter" with Matt Damon. We're watching it now and it's very slow. Also, a lot of it is in French but the subtitles are running off the bottom of the screen, so we're missing a lot of it.

I cannot wait to see if we have some birds tomorrow. I mean, we usually have birds in the yard, but I want to see if any of them eat or drink. I worry that our cheap plastic birdbath may be took slick and too deep for some of the smaller birds. I could put some rocks in it but that would make it hard to rinse out.

Just more incentive to make my cement one. :)

I have a stoned cat lying beside me. I don't know why I was struck with the urge to break out the catnip. Poor Pie. He looks a little like Broyles from Fringe now.

Tomorrow I am hoping to do some yard work. I could edge the sidewalk or rake the leaves or something.

Or just sit around feeling a little sore from walking twelve blocks. That's a possibility too.

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