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I'm really happy. :) This evening didn't start out so stellar, but it got really awesome.

When I came home, my first plan was to wait for Pres Man (this is his early night), have dinner, and measure the house for dirt.

Then Pres Man was later than I expected, so I decided to start raking some leaves. I got my grubbies on, got my gardening gloves, pulled my hair back (my resolve face: you've seen it before, you know what it means), and went out to do battle with the yard.

I went into the shed, which had not been opened since Fall, and after making sure no animals had gotten inside (after you find one dessicated opossum, you kind of always think of that), I realized the shed was a hot mess and I needed to straighten it up before I could do anything else.

After pulling almost everything out of the shed, I realized that my original raking plan was not going to work anyway, because THE RAKE WAS NOT THERE. I can only think that maybe it got broken during the move. Or, it might have been that it was kind of broken (I seem to remember that the rake part would come off the handle). Anyway, no rake. And the hose was not nicely coiled, which was a problem all last year, and I immediately decided that even though I have previously thought they were too expensive, we needed a rolly hose thingy. You know, one of those things you can roll up your hose on and it also has wheels so you can roll your coiled hose around from one spigot to another. I want one.

About this time, Pres Man came home and I declared my intention that we would be going out for a RAKE. And also for a hose rolly thing. He was tired after a long day of work, though, so I fixed supper first. Somehow, me fixing supper galvanized him, so while I was cooking he went out and collected sticks and limbs from the yard. It's amazing how much that helped. And then supper had to sit and thicken, so we went out to put the stuff all back in the shed while that was going on.

And we ended up completely reorganizing the shed! We still had boxes of garden/yard/car stuff in there and now they're all unpacked, a shelf got completely moved, and everything is much more open and easy to get to. The mower fits without cramming it. The ladder is reasonably easy to get to! And we checked for wasps' nests inside and there are none. I'm so happy.

We came in to eat and remembered that Monday night is SyFy night, so we watched Being Human and Stargate: Universe. And it's cool outside this evening (no need for AC!), and still, and perfect. So even though we did not go out and buy a rake and a rolly hose thingy, it was a good night. We got the shed done and the yard looks a lot better so I'm satisfied. For tonight.

It felt really good to be outside. I don't usually feel that way. In fact, I don't remember enjoying the outdoors this much since I was a kid.
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