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So today I outlined this whole plan about how I was going to spend my evening:

Do the grocery shopping (I even made a list, organized by store sections)
Take out the trash
Take the new toy guns (which are to be steampunked) downstairs
While down in the craft area, put away the spare pleather and felt
Dine on something that I bought earlier at the grocery store
Work for one hour on cutting out my steampunk dress pattern
Work for one hour on the butterfly book

And I was well pleased with myself for setting reasonable, achievable goals. I was going to make Good Use of my time.

While I was at the grocery store, I ran into S. She got all excited and said "Are you going? Are you going??" "Am I going where?" "To the Wamego Knit Night! J is picking me up pretty soon!"

Crap. I forgot that was TODAY. And I had about 30 minutes to finish shopping, get home, put the groceries away, and be ready to leave.

I went as fast as I could, deciding that we could live without sweets, ziplock baggies, and aluminum foil. I got a really fast checker (miraculous) and hurried home. I put away the cold and frozen foods and went to grab my knitting stuff. I also thought that C might have forgotten, so I went to see if she had commented on Ravelry.

And that is when I saw that Knit Night in Wamego had been cancelled by the store's owner.

I was simultaneously relieved and disappointed. I let S and J know what I had found out and finished putting away the groceries. We decided that since the time was blocked off anyway, we might as well get together and knit. Pres Man got home just then so I explained what was going on, gave him some options for dinner, and headed out. We ended up at Panera and I had a blast. I laughed and laughed. And I got to the end of the thumb gusset!

We left Panera around nine and I showed off the new-to-me car since I got to drive it. Ooh. Ahh.

Even though I didn't get much of anything on my list done (okay. The shopping. That was important) I don't feel like I made the wrong choice to go. I missed having a lot of time with Pres Man, but it was also really good to get some girl time in.

Tomorrow night my knitting class begins. I am getting off work early so that I can have my chiropractor follow-up (range of motion tests, the heat-sensor thingy they run up your spine, etc). I should get out of there before five, so I'll have time to get stuff together and be ready for no one to show up. And then I'll come home and maybe do the stuff I meant to do tonight!

Also, for those of you who are using Dreamwidth and crossposting to LJ; some of the entries might not be making it. I had trouble with the "Alot" entry tonight. I had to try four times before it went through.
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