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I got a lot done on the butterfly garden book tonight, but I realized how much more I'd LIKE to do. For instance; I had originally focused very specifically on Black Swallowtails, but what if the poor little girl doesn't attract any? I am going to put a few others in there with about the same depth as the Swallowtails (what the eggs look like, what the caterpillars look like, what they eat, what the pupae look like, and what the adult looks like), and then I'll add some additional pages for a few other species that also grace the area. Those will be more like a brief profile of the butterflies rather than trying to make them interesting. By the time she gets to those pages, she'll know how the butterfly lifecycle works and such.

Tonight I made a list of butterflies that have a pretty good record of showing up where she lives. The next step is to examine the seeds I have for her and compare them to those butterflies so I can choose the ones she's likely to attract and include them in the book.

I'm happy with the pictures I've got in there right now. You can find ANYTHING on the internet! Butterfly eggs, pictures of caterpillars with their orange dill-scented horns waving around, just everything. I want to add a few more generic illustrations to the introduction part to make it more visually appealing, but overall I think it's looking good.

Another couple of nights like this and I'll probably be done. I could be done NOW if I was just happy with the swallowtail angle, but I really don't want to set her up for disappointment. If I widen the net surely she'll see something from the book.

I'm pretty happy with where I'm at and if I can get this done and to the printer by the end of the week, I'll be super-excited.
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