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Oh holy crap.

You know how sometimes you're just surfing along, looking at pictures that were linked by someone in the steampunk community, and then you suddenly think, "Hey, that guy looks kind of familiar...."

And then you realize the reason he looks familiar is because he might be your ex-fiance. The lying liar who lied.

I did not expect to feel like I did. I was all of a sudden angry that he was involved in Steampunk. How dare he dress up like an engineer (funny, that) and have a good time at a Steampunk event??

I had one of those really silly moments where I nearly gave up on Steampunk completely, because OMG WHAT IF I WENT TO A STEAMPUNK EVENT AND RAN INTO HIM THERE????

Like, what? Steampunk isn't big enough for the two of us?

Which is completely ridiculous. The odds of that happening are very slim to none. And if we were both at such an event, it would probably be large enough that we could stay out of each others' way.

If it is him in the picture, then more power to him. Good for him for recognizing a fun genre and getting into it.
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