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Poor Pie. Every now and then he either sees, hears, or smells something out the one open window that sets him off. I don't think he's really unhappy; I think he's just overstimulated. Today when I got home, he brought me a toy mousie to play fetch with for a while. He only does that when he's really feeling happy and energetic.

I'm nearly chilly now! It's probably time to close the cat television down for the night.

I've redone my DW journal to be about as boring as possible. I'll probably still do most of my reading at LJ, but I wanted to get something very non-busy and easy to interpret over on DW.

I uploaded some of my most-used icons. I had not realized how many of my old ones have fallen into disuse.

Tonight I'm working on the butterfly garden book for my cousin's daughter. I'm thinking I might have it printed and bound for her (not at Lulu or anything, just Kinkos), rather than putting it in a looseleaf notebook like I had thought I might.

We went into the backyard tonight to look around and we have a lot of wild violets. The lilies in the backyard are coming up. And we have one tulip in bloom.

I priced some planters like I had in mind for the front walk, but I didn't get any yet. They are $35 each at Target and while I know that's not all that much in the scheme of things, it still feels like a lot. Maybe I can find a sale at Home Depot or the new Menard's.

I also want a birdbath. We keep forgetting to take Mom's with us and I haven't gotten around to making the one with the rhubarb leaf pattern yet. I think a birdbath in the front yard with a feeder hanging in our redbud tree might be really nice for Pie.
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