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Well, I was wrong. I put in the laundry but the gamers are still here so I didn't go to bed. They must all be on Spring Break starting tomorrow. If that's the case, they should game somewhere that doesn't mind them staying until midnight on a work night.

Since I'm up, I'll recount tonight's SnB, which was mainly good. We had ten people for most of it. V and K were absent, but V's husband is a professor so they might be on Spring Break. And K doesn't come without V.

I had my italian soda with an Airborne tablet in it again. That is seriously so delicious. Yay vitamins and stuff.

I made a lot of progress on my fingerless mitts and then I tried them on after I had a complete repeat of the cable pattern (which I did correctly, finally!!!).

They were too tight. I had really thought that adding four more stitches would take care of it, but either my arms got bigger or I was just plain wrong. So I had to frog the entire thing. Again. I'm really disheartened. At this rate they will not even be done in time for NEXT St. Patrick's Day.

I got to molest some handpainted yarn from Knit Picks, I saw a lot of hilarious FireFox macros, and I took my Clapotis and my Entrelac scarf to show to someone who ended up not being there. It turned out to be good that I took them though, because I ended up feeling a little cold and wore my Clapotis for the remainder of the SnB.

And then I forgot our sign. I am hoping they will have it for me tomorrow.

Now I need to rewind my freaking yarn so I can restart the mitts. Again. Now it's becoming SERIOUS BUSINESS that I get these done. Personal pride is involved. I am not this bad a knitter! It's maddening how much trouble this pattern is giving me.

I saw Ultratim and Tesseracity and their friend St. G. They arrived after most of the knitters were gone, so they came in and sat with us for a bit.

I hope that this week goes quickly. I already feel like I need another weekend to catch up on my sleep.
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