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I did end up doing the bathroom baseboards. It was frustrating in that they looked a lot better but still not as good as I had hoped. That bathroom needs to be re-caulked.

But we got everything done and the house looked good for the BIL and nieces when they arrived. And they absolutely did end up staying overnight, so I am super glad we had Spair 'Oom ready and the sheets were fresh for the futon as well. The poor kids didn't know they were going to stay with us, so they didn't have their toothbrushes, but I had a couple from my dentist visits (I never use those but don't throw them away) so that was okay.

Piewacket was traumatized and we pretty much didn't see him. He fled downstairs and I don't even think he snuck up to eat much. He's been spending today purring and sleeping. I caught him meowing in his sleep. I wonder if he was telling someone off about letting Strangers into the house. lol

We now have a receiver and a good video card in the tower that is hooked up to the TV. We've got bigger speakers than our living room needs, but the sound is good.

We took the kids to the game store and they found some cool stuff. We also played Hero Quest with them and they seemed to enjoy it. They made sure to write their names on their character sheets so that we could play again sometime. :)

We also made them watch Star Wars: A New Hope. They had never seen it before! I think our older niece liked it okay but our younger one was not completely pulled in.

Our older niece said she thinks they should start visiting us every weekend. LOL I'm glad she likes it here. Our younger niece says that we really need to get a dog, because the cat won't come out and make friends with her. :P

I'm still very tired from the visit. First the stress of worrying about the house and the hard work to make it nice (Spair 'Oom was a big job!) and then the visit itself and trying to make sure everyone had what they needed and THEN we had the game that night. It started at six and our family had just left around five. No time for a nap! I was really fading by the time the game got over. I don't really remember much of it to be honest. I think my brain was doing the dolphin thing and half of it was shut down.

We did have our fancy fudz with Koganei and Kiwi. I had blueberry scones, Koganei made delicious sandwiches, and Kiwi brought some other scones (toffee and something else?), a pie, and some apply strudel thingies. The sandwiches were my favorite part; there were cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon/boiled egg sandwiches. Really good!

We tried to speak in accents (I have no idea where from, somewhere in the UK) and it was pretty trying for me since I was so tired, but I eventually got into it. I should listen to the girl who reads Jane Eyre some more and try to copy her.

It is nearly eleven and the gamers are still here. That's not cool. Probably the clock down there has not been reset yet.

I think I'll throw in a load of laundry and go to bed.

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